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Halfway done with new album

2008-08-14 02:53:48 by DJRossMix

The new album is 50% done! track 3 is being completed as we speak and the photo shoot has been completed. The new ablums name will be "Tinted Glass". Most likely with 5-6 tracks. I will try to release it as a bundle!

Upcoming Album

2008-07-09 17:15:40 by DJRossMix

So I'm on my way to making my first "real" electronic album. I say "real" because the last one I created was more of an experiment with what I can do with certain programs. This next one will be more developed and have a dance style to it. The first track is done so far and I'm liking the results. It's gonna take some help from all of you to tell me what category it falls under!